Sports Performance Training

SmarTense Trainings Sport Performance Program is designed to develop the complete athlete by focusing on mental and physical enhancement. Our staff’s professional experience and knowledge allows for innovative training and clear direction in every performance session.

We develop our athletes physically by addressing all aspects of athleticism.


Our athletes are taught how to change directions efficiently and how to accelerate quickly. These two components of athleticism prevent injuries and creates top athletes.

Mental Performance

One of SmarTense Training’s Core Purposes’ is investment into every athlete by personal connection and leadership. We believe our culture and environment enables and teaches those in our program to develop characteristics of leadership.


Strength Conditioning

Our conditioning program enables our athletes to play the last half, 4th quarter or 9th inning with minimal fatigue, so they can focus on what the team needs to maximize game performance. The best teams in all sports can increase their level of focus and performance during the most pressured of situations. We believe our conditioning portion brings out unique Team chemistry and mutual respect that makes all the difference in clutch time!



We use Olympic lifts, plyometrics, proper running mechanics and core stabilization to exert force in short bursts, high intensity repetition..


SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

The Smartense SAQ athlete will generate force quickly, change direction, create separation, and run away from the competition. The faster the athlete feels, the more confident the athlete competes.


Stability and Mobility

Our stability and Mobility portions of the program act as the connective tissue between SAQ, Power, and Explosion. Without full range of motion, the athlete is limited to certain aspects of their game. We want every athlete to excel In all areas of their game, so he/she will take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.

SmarTense Performance Trainers Mandate


We promise to teach our philosophy to the best of our ability.
We will always be aware and open to the clients’ previous teachings and personal beliefs prior to their experience with SmarTense Instruction.

We push for two-way communication and involvement so that each SmarTense Instructor can help achieve the player’s specific goals… Better, Quicker.

We take pride in our ability to connect with our athletes  and be as active in their skill development as they want us to be. Even if that includes us giving advice and time away from our facility.

We promise to operate at our level of standards, which is built through our faith-based background and relationship.

We will do our best to set a good example for players to follow in the way we handle success and failure as a SmarTense Instructor.