SmarTense Training LLC.

SmarTense Training is a limited liability company that was established in September of 2014 by Jarrett Northcutt, the current owner and CEO. The LLC’s normal walk in hours are 10:00am – 9:00pm, but are available by appointment Monday – Sunday. Since the summer of 2015, the LLC has served its customers and the SmarTense Angels Baseball Program out of an indoor facility that totals roughly 10,000 square feet. Its unique buildout and versatility of equipment and space aligns with its wide range of training for baseball players and other athletes in different sports. The goal for SmarTense Training was to build and create a culture for young aspiring athletes by receiving high level training and development from coaches and performance specialists that love what they do and where they do it at. The SmarTense Nation’s contagious environment started here!


Service Menu

1 - Professional Baseball Instruction (Baseball Enhancement)

  1. Hitting – Jarrett Northcutt, Ryan Davis, Allen Cox,  Matt Cerione, Tim Everly, Cam West, Shawn Oliver, Braeden Lane, Spencer Smith, Bobby Rednour
  2. Fielding – Ryan Davis, Jarrett Northcutt, Cam West, Allen Cox
  3. Pitching – Tim Everly, Spencer Smith, JoJo Cruz, Bobby Rednour, Cam West
  4. Catching – Tim Everly, Jarrett Northcutt, Ryan Davis

2 - STB Tryout Registration

We offer a pre - registration option that allows existing and potential new players to sign up, schedule, and pay before arriving to the Field.  Please press this link below to Register TODAY!

3 - SmarTGroup Baseball Classes

SmarTGroup Baseball Training is designed for players to maximize their opportunity to improve. The 2-hour duration allows our coaching staff to truly breakdown parts of the players game without having to rush the instruction. This allows for high quality and maximum repetitions for the betterment of each player.3 - SmarTGroup Baseball Training


Indoor Class with Jarrett and Ryan
       Dates:  TU/TH/FR *Class will be cancelled for Christmas, 12-25-18, and New Years Day, 1-1-19*
       Time:  6:00pm – 8:00pm
       Location: 4012 Nine McFarland drive, Alpharetta, GA 30004
       Cost: $30.00
         'Sign Up through our SmarTense Training App or by cash/check at the front desk.  Walk-Ins allowed.'             

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Ryan Davis and Jarrett Northcutt will host an indoor training workout that is derived from their reputation of running the fastest practice regimen around.  Every player is required to bring turf shoes and all their baseball equipment.  Athletic attire is recommended, so pants are NOT required to participate.  Each class will highlight reactionary tendencies, defensive fundamentals, glove control, foot speed and a specialized swinging regimen.

For quality purposes, there will be a limitation on the number of participants. If you have any questions regarding how to sign up, please email with a subject line of SmarTGroup Baseball Training.


4 - Sport Performance Training

  • 30 minutes – individualized (1 on 1)
  • 60 minutes – individualized (1 on 1)
  • Group training – 2+ players
  • Team training - 9+ players


Training Benefits

Strong, flexible, efficient muscles increase your overall strength, therefore, reducing the chance of injury and increasing power/explosion.

Our conditioning program enables our athletes to play the last half, 4th quarter or 9th inning with minimal fatigue. These athletes can now focus on winning a game and performing their very best. The best teams in all sports can increase their level of focus and performance during the most pressured of situations. We believe our conditioning portion brings out the best of every athlete.

We use Olympic lifts, plyometrics, proper running mechanics and core training to exert force in the shortest amount of time. This allows you to be the fastest/quickest athlete on the field.

SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)
The Smartense SAQ athlete will generate force quickly, change direction, create separation, and run away from the competition. The faster the athlete feels, the more confident the athlete competes.

Stability and Mobility
Our stability and Mobility portions of the program act as the connective tissue between SAQ, Power, and Explosion. Without full range of motion, the athlete is limited to certain aspects of their game. We want every athlete to excel In all areas of their game, so he/she will take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.


5 - Retail products

  1. KineticEase
  2. Bemer mat