MP3 Advertising Opportunities

Make a Difference within our sporting community by donation, advertisement or sponsorship!

Field Name Signage

  • Small Field (#2)
  • Large Field (#1)


Light Pole Signage

  • Double Sided Pole Banners

Outfield Fence Foul Line

  • Small Field Left Field Foul Pole
  • Small Field Right Field Foul Pole
  • Large Field Left Field Foul Pole
  • Large Field Right Field Foul Pole


Jumbotron Signage

Digital Advertising

Jumbotron Scroll Bundle

  1. 10-15 sec ad, runs through continuously every tournament/event
  2. Company Logo on our website URL & Home page
  3. Static ad under our sponsor/partner website tab

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our services, products, facilities or events please contact with your preferences and contact details. Our team will call you with the next steps to finalize your support and willingness to make a difference within our sporting community.

Upcoming Tournaments/Events

STB and M3P are excited to announce its new affiliation with Perfect Game! They will host their Tournaments & Showcases through the months of February - End of October 2019. Under our M3P tab includes a direct link that details our involvement and large scale of the P.G.’s tournament, showcase, and event schedule. We have an estimated 50,000 total number of views that our Park will provide through the 2019 baseball schedule.