Seth Beer

OF/1B, Clemson University, 1st round draft Pick 2018 Draft by the Houston Astros, Traded to the Arizona DiamondBacks for Zach Greinke, July 2019
“Jarrett and I started working together during the winter of my freshman year of college where I was a student athlete at Clemson University. I consider Jarrett Not only a close friend, but my Hitting Coach. He is one of the few people I truly trust him with my swing because I know has my best interests at heart. What I don’t think many people know about Jarrett is the passion he has for the game. I have been around hundreds of coaches over the course of my career, and the passion that he holds is hard to come across. Within the three years I have worked with him I have seen so much growth not just only in my game, but the kids I see their daily. Every day I walk into the facility to train during the off-season Jarrett brings the same passion and energy for every athlete no matter what age or level. The Smartense program in my eyes is a program that measures their success not by growth of the program, but growth and development of the player’s on and off the diamond. I will always call SmarTense my home for the off-season.”

J.D. Dutka

University of South Florida, 2017 – Present, 2019 MLB Prospect, MIF/3B
“A few years back I was introduced to Jarrett through one of my good friends. I immediately knew that this was a guy that I wanted to work with because in all my years of playing baseball, I had met very few people who were as passionate and knowledgeable about the games as him. Not only was he passionate and knowledgeable about the game but he also genuinely cared about who I was as a person. The thing about SmarTense is that everyone who is a part of the program shares these qualities. I am extremely thankful I’ve had the opportunity to work with everyone at SmarTense because I’ve been able to grow as both a player and a person. Nothing but love and respect for everyone there coaching at STB.”

Michael Wein

IF, 2018 Wake Forest University, MLB Prospect
“Going into my senior year of high-school I struggled at the plate. I was looking for every possible answer I could find so that my previous season of failure did not carry over into the next. I had my commitment to Wake Forest University, and I felt as if I wasn’t living up to my reputation. I struggled with my arrogant mindset of what I needed to do to live up to those expectations. In the winter of my senior year, I decided to start training with Jarrett Northcutt and his coaching staff. The first aspect in which Jarrett helped me was in maturity from boy to man. After two weeks of being with Jarrett, my faith and my maturity increased. He had helped me in more ways than just on the baseball diamond. Furthermore, he made me the hitter I needed to be. He offered advice to me that would change me as a hitter for the rest of my career. He taught me how to use different muscles in my swing and generate more power and bat speed while staying calm and keeping my head still. My junior year I batted .230 with 1 home run. After one month with working with Jarret, my senior year I hit .520 with 8 home runs, 3 grand slams, led the league in RBI’s, and ended up getting player of the year in my division. I have never met another coach that is more enthusiastic and carrying towards developing young athletes; most of all I have never met another coach who not only betters me in my skills in baseball but focuses on faith as a more critical destination pertaining to the development of young men.”

Ricky Surum

IF, Virginia Tech University, 2017 MLB Draft New York Yankees, 2018 Top Prospect
"Going into my first offseason, I didn’t have a place to hit in my area but maybe a local high school. Through a facility next door where I was training at, I learned about SmarTense. I walked through the front door one random day and Jarrett took me in as one of his own. On any given day, if the facility was open or closed, he would sacrifice his free time to help me get better at the game offensively, defensively or mentally. I mean, the man has his own cream for arm pain because of how many pitches he unleashed for us on a daily basis. It didn’t matter the amount of guys we had swinging that day. I’ll always be grateful for Jarrett and all of the staff over at SmarTense. Such a welcoming environment that loved being at the facility every day for no reason more than to help other people get better. Truly special opportunity for myself to have worked with this group of people!"
Steven Williams (41)
Baseball vs Louisville on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, in Omaha, NE.
Cat Wofford/Auburn Athletics

Steven Williams

Auburn University, 2017 - Present, Projected Top 2020 MLB Draft Prospect, OF

Conor Davis

Auburn University, 2016 – present, MLB Prospect, 1B/DH
"First I want to say that the guys at SmarTense are the type of guys you look forward to working with in the offseason. When you go in they show that they actually care about you and check in with you on how everything has been going. There is not a better group of guys to go hangout with while getting better at the sport we all love. They are top of the line and know what they are talking about. When thinking of a coach that you can relate to, talk to, learn from, and enjoy being around.. the first guy that comes to mind is Jarrett. J-Rod is one of the most intellectual hitting coaches I have ever talked with. He has never tried to change my swing to be a certain way, but worked with the way my swing is and make my swing better. Working with J in the offseason is something that I believe to be something that I have to do in order to get ready in the best way for a season. Jarrett is always someone with a lot of energy and someone who is willing to push me to where he believes I can be. If I could suggest Jarrett and the guys at SmarTense to all baseball players, I would because they are the type of coaches you want to be around to get the best out of yourself. I will always be thankful for everything Jarrett has done and will continue to do for me in my baseball career."

Jahmai Jones

OF/2B, Los Angeles Angels, 2015 1st Round Draft Pick

Grayson Byrd

IF, Clemson University, Chicago Cubs
Dj Poteet Baseball Picture

DJ Poteet

OF, 2017 Wake Forest University, MLB Prospect

Reggie Pruitt

OF, Toronto Blue Jays, 2015 Top Draft Prospect
Nick Gatewood Picture - Website

Nick Gatewood

C, Georgia State University
brandon marsh - internet pic

Brandon Marsh

OF, Los Angeles Angels, 1st Round Draft Pick out of Buford HighSchool

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